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Posted on: April 15, 2012 12:06 pm

Browns are better off staying at 4

Trading down is a bad idea

Some Browns fans seem comfortable with the idea of trading down. Trading down is a bit of a gamble right now.

First off, why should the Browns pass up on both Justin Blackmon and Trent Richardson? If the Browns trade to the sixth overall pick with the Rams, they will certainly lose out on Justin Blackmon. Also, Tampa Bay would have to select Trent Richardson at number five. Why would they pass up on him after a Browns' blunder?

The Browns need big time playmakers and that's why there haven't given much thought into trading down. Tom Heckert mentioned he is considering trading down but it doesn't seem he's giving the impression that he wants to trade down. The Philadelphia Eagles weren't able to talk the Browns into it. It is doubtful the Browns had the number 15 pick in mind anyway.

The case for Blackmon

If there is any shot for Colt McCoy to develop into a good quarterback this year, he must have an elite target to throw to. Now, without seeing Blackmon on a NFL field, no one can claim he is elite just yet. However, he has the potential to be an elite receiver. He caught 113 passes for 1,337 yards and 15 touchdowns last season with the Oklahoma State Cowboys. He would be a welcome addition to pair up with Greg Little, who dropped way too many passes.

The Browns are expected to draft two receivers this year. Blackmon could potentially pair up with former Wisconsin Badger Nick Toon should the Browns want another explosive receiver as a solid number two option just ahead of Greg Little. The best option could be to draft two receivers in the first round, pairing up Blackmon with Michael Floyd, Kendall Wright, Stephen Hill, or Alshon Jeffery.

The NFL has turned into a passing league. Just ask the Manning brothers.

The case for Richardson

Some NFL fans in general doubt that Blackmon is elite right now. They don't think he is on the level of A.J. Green who racked up 1,057 yards and seven touchdowns. The scouting report on Richardson is that he can bowl tacklers over like they're bowling pins, has explosive speed and power, and can be used in the passing game. It's really hard to pass up on a running back with such impressive skills.

He can take a lot of pressure off McCoy and dominate the game on the ground and through the air. Passing up on him is about as tough as passing up on lemonade or iced tea on a hot summer day.

Posted on: April 23, 2011 7:37 pm

Browns second round needs

The Browns will draft A.J. Green or Julio Jones in round 1. Bank on it! Heckert typically drafts the best available player but we all know that the Browns have specific needs to have to be addressed. Heckert's drafting system may be ineffective. Let's look at some possibilities for round 2. Keep in mind the Browns have drafted Green or Jones at this point.

1. Cameron Heyward-The Browns need a guy who can take down a quarterback or at least pressure him. Heyward can do that.

2. Build the offensive line- James Carpenter with Joe Thomas and Eric Steinbach? Perfect protection! The Browns wanted young lineman and Carpenter would be a nice addition.

3. Two weapons are better than one-Cleveland had a terrible receiving core. If this is going to improve, perhaps the Browns can roll the dice and select a wide receiver in the second round as well. Leonard Hankerson may or may not be available, but the Browns could take former Boise State Bronco Titus Young.
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